Abnormal Results

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autism & cancer – our group is in trouble


“I loved it, and would read it again in a heartbeat.” – reader

Like: order,
the four dorks,
Tuesdays at the graveyard

Don’t Like: lunch period,
Keith’s bomb threat,

It’s been me, Chad, Alecia and Dan since kindergarten, back when it didn’t matter about boys or girls or who had name brand shoes or who could play sports or not. Things have changed over the years. We’ve changed. But I was sure nothing was big enough to wedge into our friendship. We’d stay the same forever.

I was wrong.
“All I can say is ‘Wow’!” – Susan King, author of Optimism for Autism
“I expected a roller coaster ride with Abnormal Results, and Kimberly Rae did not disappoint. There were so many times I wanted to stand up and applaud these kids as they had to find a way to deal with cancer while learning that the world doesn’t stop because of some abnormal cells. They still had to navigate high school, growing up, changing friendships, and the fact that humankind can be devastatingly dark. There were several characters I came to love, as well as twists and turns that I did not expect. Like in life, this book throws curve balls and changes plans just when you think you have it all figured out. Victoria and her friends have to figure out whether they are strong enough to face what comes their way, or whether they’re going to run and hide. This was a satisfying book in every way, and I am thrilled to have discovered it.” – Bobbie Grob, Readers’ Favorite Review

“Abnormal Results was a very interesting book to read. I really loved all the random facts!”- Zac, YA reader and Cancer Survivor

“I was truly enamored by Abnormal Results, so much so that I read the entire thing in a three-hour sitting. I found it to be witty, interesting, and real, as well as simply a good read!” – Cassie, YA reader