Pornography and the Boys We Love – 10 Tips to Help Moms

American children begin viewing pornography at an average age of 11. More than 7 out of 10 teens hide their online behavior from their parents in some way. 35% of boys say they have viewed pornographic videos “too many times to count.” The average age for a boy to be exposed to pornography is 8.Continue reading “Pornography and the Boys We Love – 10 Tips to Help Moms”

Not Enough Faith?

Hebrews 11 is a marvelous chapter known to many as the Hall of Faith. The first half of the chapter lists great heroes of the Old Testament. Then verses 33-35a are enough to make one cheer; subduing kingdoms, obtaining promises, stopping lions and escaping fire and sword. Victory in battle, and even having the deadContinue reading “Not Enough Faith?”

Why Her? How Traffickers Target Victims – Guest Post by Shared Hope

In 1943, Abraham Maslow published “A Theory of Human Motivation.” His theory is that humans have a hierarchy of needs ranging from the most fundamental needs at the lowest level to the need for self-actualization at the highest level. Humans can’t reach the next level of “need” until they achieve the prior level. Here isContinue reading “Why Her? How Traffickers Target Victims – Guest Post by Shared Hope”

Trafficking and Teens-the Day I Got Propositioned Online

I’m not a teenager. I’m not gorgeous and don’t post photos of myself on Facebook wearing low tops or bikinis (we can all say thanks for that!). Nevertheless, I’ve been propositioned online. The first time, I wasn’t sure that’s what it was, wrote the guy back, etc. I think of that now and wonder howContinue reading “Trafficking and Teens-the Day I Got Propositioned Online”

Pretty Woman and the Media’s Glamorization of Prostitution

Aoi, a Thai prostitute, said,  “I don’t know what’s love…I want love, but I know me… Me is no good…No people can love me.” In Thailand, known as the sexual playground of the world, of the woman in their 20s, 1 in 6 is in some kind prostitution. Click here to watch a video onContinue reading “Pretty Woman and the Media’s Glamorization of Prostitution”