Trafficking and my 6-Year-Old Rescue Hero

My son Daniel, now 6 years old, loves helping me sell books.  This summer he has come with me to book signings and presentations.  Most of the time he is off to the side coloring with my 2-year-old, Hope, so I don’t usually worry that he’s paying attention to what I’m talking about. At myContinue reading “Trafficking and my 6-Year-Old Rescue Hero”

The Right Questions to ask if You See A Potential Victim

A friend on my Facebook page mentioned seeing an add in Chicago that said  “you may be the first person they see, ask the right questions.” It was sponsored by a group against human trafficking. Great ad, but not enough, because this friend then proceeded to ask me, “So what are the right questions?” ItContinue reading “The Right Questions to ask if You See A Potential Victim”

Why Her? How Traffickers Target Victims – Guest Post by Shared Hope

In 1943, Abraham Maslow published “A Theory of Human Motivation.” His theory is that humans have a hierarchy of needs ranging from the most fundamental needs at the lowest level to the need for self-actualization at the highest level. Humans can’t reach the next level of “need” until they achieve the prior level. Here isContinue reading “Why Her? How Traffickers Target Victims – Guest Post by Shared Hope”

Trafficking and Teens-the Day I Got Propositioned Online

I’m not a teenager. I’m not gorgeous and don’t post photos of myself on Facebook wearing low tops or bikinis (we can all say thanks for that!). Nevertheless, I’ve been propositioned online. The first time, I wasn’t sure that’s what it was, wrote the guy back, etc. I think of that now and wonder howContinue reading “Trafficking and Teens-the Day I Got Propositioned Online”

Pretty Woman and the Media’s Glamorization of Prostitution

Aoi, a Thai prostitute, said,  “I don’t know what’s love…I want love, but I know me… Me is no good…No people can love me.” In Thailand, known as the sexual playground of the world, of the woman in their 20s, 1 in 6 is in some kind prostitution. Click here to watch a video onContinue reading “Pretty Woman and the Media’s Glamorization of Prostitution”