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If you’re a chosen kid, you got picked on purpose. You are deeply loved.
And guess what? You get to show the whole world a big, big lesson about God and His family, too!

Positive, Joyful, Affirming. For Christian Families Who Adopt


It made me feel loved. – Kirra, adopted daughter

The pictures are so bright and beautiful and the words are perfect. – Judy, adoptive mom

Emphasis on the importance of family and family acceptance is great.  Reading this gave us a warm, happy feeling.  – James and Wanda, adoptive parents

Very impressed with the book as a whole. – Pam, respite foster mom

It is beautiful and I love that you put that sometimes we don’t all look the same even but that does not mean we aren’t family. And I love that you explain adoption comparing it to God adopting us into His family!    – Laura, adoptive mom

My favorite first page is, “Family is who you choose to love.” LOVE the whole book especially how to deal with the “question askers.” – Lynn, adoptive mom

Chosen is in 3 parts, each with purpose.
Main Book 
Read-to-me, Early Readers
Positive, joyful, reassuring

Extra Stuff 
Middle Readers
Ideas, showing love, verses, and how to deal with Curious Carla.

For Difficult Days 
Advanced Readers
If a child struggles with the harder questions that hurt, such as why God allowed this or how to deal with enduring feelings of rejection or abandonment.

The whimsical, fun pictures in this book will make your child smile, and the words will fill them with truth to hold in their heart all their lives.