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Overcomer – A Journal of HOPE for Women who HURT

For every woman who has been hurt, victimized, exploited, and abused. From sex trafficking to abusive relationships, the wounds from being mistreated by those who promised love run deep, and do not heal easily. Overcomer was created to help. Containing ten major truths, Overcomer does not ignore the hurts of the past, but journeys through those hurts and shows how to heal. Readers will find questions to answer, stories from overcomers, helpful tips, eternal truths, and even a funny page each chapter to make readers smile along the way.Written by Christian advocate and author Kimberly Rae, along with many who have been hurt and are healing, Overcomer is made to help survivors move forward no longer defined by what has happened in the past but rather what is chosen for the present and purposed for the future.Hopeful and helpful, Overcomer is a good gift of love to any woman who holds secret (or open) past hurts. She will not need to talk about it, and can go through the journal at her own pace. The journal can be used by individuals, or together in a counseling or even group gathering.Ten Truths:1. You have PAIN but you have POWER.2. You were told LIES but you can choose TRUTH.3. You have INSECURITIES but you have great VALUE.4. You have MEMORIES but you can have FREEDOM from them.5. You have a PAST but you also have a FUTURE.6. You have REGRETS but you can have PEACE.7. You have FEARS but you can have HOPE.8. You have PROBLEMS but you also have OPPORTUNITIES.9. You have had ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS but you can choose LOVING RELATIONSHIPS.10. You were a VICTIM but you can be an OVERCOMER. Price includes tax & shipping.


I Am Safe – A Coloring Book to Help Children Recognize and Prevent Childhood Sexual Abuse

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I Am Safe – Adult Companion Lesson Plan Book

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Captive No More

True Stories of Rescued Trafficked Victims and the Heroes Who Brought Them to Freedom


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